Free Online Courses?

No Pay, No Problem

Being pregnant for the first time can be stressful. Let me try that again, being pregnant AT ALL can be stressful. After all, you are creating a new human. Nbd. During my wife’s 1st pregnancy, a lot of times I felt that because I didn’t  understand much about pregnancy/childbirth, I wasn’t much help. Stef was a seasoned vet after caring for babies, so the entire pregnancy seemed easy for her.  We decided to take a “hypnobirthing” class because Stef wanted to go natural and I tagged along to for support. I remember 3 things I loved about the class:

1. People Watching
2. Guided naps (some call it hypnosis)
3. No cost to us

I’m a cheap person, so the last one was BIG.

Technically, these courses aren’t free. Someone has to pay. Luckily for most people, however, that payer is insurance. That’s because most insurance companies see the value in parents taking these courses and will reimburse you for taking them. Quite honestly some of the best money we haven’t spent too. It completely impacted how I felt I could support her during labor and delivery and made it such a special moment for us as a “team”. The only big drawback to the in-person classes was scheduling problems. This is why The Baby Lady courses are such a plus!  

No Class? No Pass

Did you know that courses teaching about childbirth, labor, and what to expect after delivery were previously mandatory?  In some hospitals, if you wanted someone to come into labor and delivery with you, you literally had to show up with a certificate of attendance, signed by your teacher! Different times folks…

We all need to take a class and pass a test to drive a car… but we get discharged home with a newborn child and they’re like, “Good Luck!”

Why Take A Course?

Knowledge is power. All too often on my OBGYN rotation I would visit with mothers who came to the office with a MILLION questions for their doc and ended up only addressing a few of them during their 10 minutes together.  Many were stressed, anxious, and apprehensive. Personally, I found great benefit from taking a course with my wife and saw how much it helped me support her during labor. 

I also read an interesting article by the cochrane review showing that “continuous support” which includes a support person or information about labor progress led to:

  • increased spontaneous vaginal birth
  • shorter duration of labor
  • decreased caesarean birth
  • decreased instrumental vaginal birth (forceps)
  • decrease use of any analgesia
  • decreased use of regional analgesia
  • decreased negative feelings about childbirth experiences

I will note that getting objective data on outcomes for childbirth can be difficult because so much of it depends on what outcomes are being measured and what courses are being offered. But I digress.

Will My Insurance Cover a Course?

I can’t speak for you, but most insurances will.  There are a variety of courses out there, so speaking with your insurance to find out what they will cover is key. 

How Can I Get Reimbursed?

Stef is a nurse and I am a doc to be. We can’t diagnose you, and therefore cannot bill your insurance. However, we do provide a receipt after taking our course that you can submit to them for reimbursement. This is why it would be a good idea to find out if our courses are covered. We are also happy to answer and provide any information to your insurance if necessary. For more detailed information regarding insurance codes and all that jazz, check out this page

Final Thoughts

I clearly have biased opinions about taking one of Stef’s classes. BUT, for those of you considering them…. why not? Especially if your insurance might reimburse you for them. The only downside to buying the courses? No people watching. Worth it? I think so. 

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