Preggo Lingo – 12 Terms to Know

“My OB said that I am full term and will be post-term in a week so she wants to induce me.”
“Ugh these Braxton Hicks are the worst… every time I bend overI feel them.”
“Did you hear about Carol? Her OB is going to strip her membranes at her next appointment!”

If you recently found out that you are pregnant (or even if this is your 9th baby) you may have heard the bolded terms above when speaking with your OB, when chatting with your friends, or when reading information about childbirth.  Doctors and other trained clinical staff often forget to stop and explain these terms, leaving many women and partners confused. To help you get up to speed with what these terms mean, we’ve compiled a list of some common terms that we think will be useful for you to know. Scroll down to see how terms you already know!